Raising Funds With Custom Sleeves

Moms, I know that cookie dough rules the school, your freezer, and the fundraising universe. Fair enough. What can we say? Cookie dough tastes incredible!

However, when it comes to promoting school spirit or cheering on your favorite team, I bet you will not find any basketball fans waving buckets of cookie dough after a big 3-pointer, or football fans cheering with raised cookie dough buckets after a last second touchdown.

Introducing Rowdy Sleeves!

Fully custom sleeves for your Rowdy Fans that you can sell for a great profit! Since we print the design right on the sleeve, the design options are unlimited. Our talented team will help you design the perfect sleeves your fans or school will love.

Performance sleeves are worn by athletes to increase blood flow, but us regular folks can wear them for all kinds of reasons. Here are just a few:

  • To show your team spirit on those naked arms
  • As the perfect easy-on, easy-off layer under a t-shirt
  • For U/V protection on a sunny day
  • For extra warmth during outdoor activities

We keep our prices low so your profits are high. For example, if you wanted to buy 50 custom sleeves they cost $5.00 each. You can then sell them at your events for $10 or more no sweat!
Sugar free, fully custom awesomeness!

For some FREE Design Ideas, contact us at contact@rowdysleeves.com Or 435-754-4550 and we will get right to work for you!

Rowdy Sleeves Fund Raising